Monday, April 2, 2012

The Doctor

My first creepy pasta tell me how you like it.

Well I got a letter in the mail today. It says me and my brother had been selected to participate in a mandatory psychological experiment for twins. It seems a little strange, but I pay no attention to my senses as the letter said it is a great service to the fatherland. We instantly began preparing our belongings as we leave in the morning.

The man is dressed in a black suit and is waiting by a black car. Weirdest thing is he doesn't even say a word as we get in the car. His silence instantly transfers to me and my brother as we don't say a word as we start our trip.

He hasn't spoken to us once and has had only had a blank, sorrowful look on his face the entire ride. I'm getting a little nervous as we have been driving through a forest for what seems like hours. I keep on seeing shadows running through the trees and I heard a cry that made every hair on my body stand straight up, but it has to be my imagination. My brother has been looking straight ahead the entire time. He hasn't acknowledged me once so far.

Well we arrive at the camp late in the night and I can't make out much of the outside, yet the inside had a cold, haunting feeling, a feeling of death. Nothing worth mentioning as we are being escorted through the facility only that the whole place feels like a hospital and is painted white. Eventually, we get to a narrow hallway at the end stands a man at a small station. The only noise as we approach him is the sound of my own footsteps. The man asks for our names and he gives me the number #291. We are then walked to our quarters and are told we would be meeting the head of this place shortly.

The man who enters our room is skinny and slender. Dressed in a business suit his smile is making me extremely uncomfortable.There is an awkward moment of silence before he introduces himself. We do like wise, afterwards he says the first test will begin tomorrow morning He doesn't say much besides his name and that the first test will be tomorrow.

Final test today the doctor says after this we will be free. The other test have been virtually harmless besides some reactions test and blood test. I feel like a fool for having any sense of fear of this place. The staff are friendly and we have a lot of freedom. When we aren't being tested we are allowed to wander through a designated "patient area" where other patients are allowed to socialize, watch TV, and play games.

No one will make eye contact with me as I walk down the hall. Not even the doctor looks me in the eyes as I lay down on the table. Before I know it I am being strapped to the table. I struggle and yell until I am hit repeatedly with baton. I go limp and look over only to see the countless number of scalpels and other surgical tools on a smaller table to my left. The doctor walks over puts on his gloves and tells something to his assistant.

As he brandishes his scalpel, I look right into his eyes and see a regretful look. I ask "why are you doing this". The doctor looks away and doesn't reply. He looks back and there is a tear running down his cheek.

 He mutters the words "I'm sorry".

The look of regret on Dr. Mengele's face was the last thing I ever saw

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