Sunday, April 8, 2012

A collection of scary pictures

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Incase you don't want to go to sleep tonight.

Friday, April 6, 2012

The Creepypasta Survival Guide

This made me chuckle, well done to whoever made this

 We've all been there. You have just gone to a certain place, at a certain time on a certain date, done a special thing and the thing you suspected would happen has just ****ing happened, not to mention the fact that you've just seen whatever the **** it is that lives in your mirror, been told in detail how you're going to die, and the highly demonic and invincible thing you summoned is heading towards you.

Also, your family are all dead, your friends are all missing and you're being framed by someone with access to your bedroom. What the **** do you do now, sweet protagonist?

Well, you've come to the right place to find out: These are the simple rules one must follow in order to firstly, not become the victim of creepypasta and furthermore, to come out kicking if the worst does happen. With the help of this guide you too can be the catatonic, traumatised wreck as opposed to the guy currently being worn as a coat by some dude who roams a lot. Just keep these simple rules in mind...

1. Mirrors and darkness don't mix.

2. Actually mirrors are a general "NO", In creepypasta world, there is nothing more sinister.

3. There is zero chance of survival if you look at the thing that no one else can see or answer its question incorrectly.

4. If you are alone at night in a creepy mental institution, take some time to consider what the **** are you doing there, then, if it is appropriate to do so, leave.

5. Avoid going to places where everyone else who went there never came back or died inexplicably.

6. If someone stops your vehicle at night and asks to come with you, it would probably be in your best interests to politely decline.

7. Killing is the last method of survival, use it sparingly but without fear.

8. WHO WAS PHONE? is always a good thing to ponder. Also who the hell answers a phone while kissing a dead person's sexy daughter. A douche is who.

9. Get a simple .38 revolver. Load it with 2 silver bullets. If you really feel there is no chance to come alive out of a situation, take one shot at whatever's threatening you. If this doesn't work, you still have the last shot to become an hero with.

10. Area 51 is simply too well guarded to let you get in. Or to let any alien out.

11. When going to a hotel, try to steer clear of unauthorized areas. If you couldn't resist but you saw a red thing, take some time to consider the price range and hotel standard on your next visit. Have you ever stayed at a haunted Hilton?

12. When booking your hotel stay, Trip Advisor can be an invaluable tool in deeming whether your choice is the scene of a multiple murder/full of dead people/built at the mouth of hell. Local newspapers can also be helpful.

13. Invoking demons, speaking weird languages and performing rituals of any kind is considered dangerous. Refrain from doing that, especially around abandoned warehouses, churches, psychiatric institutions, woods and your house in front of a mirror at night.

14. When going to a new area, enviromental understanding is a key to survival. Ask around for cursed places, legends, dangers and other details. Listen to the local peoples' advice, and don't be afraid to ask if you're unsure of which attacks/disappearances are paranormal and which aren't.

15. Always have a Bible next to your bed. Provides average reading material, proof of beliefs and a really heavy & effective object to throw at enemies.

16. Don't count on holy water. Get a sturdy vial of sulfuric acid and let a priest consecrate it.

17. Japanese priests cleanse rooms by waving katana swords around. Their ritual is 100% effective on corporeal forms.

18. If you find 666 messages on your phone, mailbox, email, etc consider changing the said service provider. Also don't bother listening /reading the messages. It's spam. Extra dimensional, possibly, but spam nevertheless.

19. Old pharmaceutical companies can't help you. Unless you specifically need “Blood Of The Innocent”, ”Snake Oil”, and “Radioactive Syrup”. Which is never.

20. If you need to sign it in blood, you do not need to sign it. All mainstream governing bodies will accept contracts signed in ink. Bear this in mind if offered deals that seem too good to be true.

21. Lighthouses are dangerous. Avoid them at all costs. If you work at a lighthouse consider a career in insurance sales, or veterinary care.

22. There is simply no reason to listen to music that causes suicidal tendencies...

23. ...or to watch films that have had strange/disastrous consequences..

24. If you like to plan ahead and have some money, buy your auntie and uncle a house in Bel-Air. Nothing can harm you there no matter how scared your mother is.

25. Secret secluded untouched places in old buildings are left untouched for a reason. Pioneers never say “die” but in fact they do have an unusually high mortality rate.

26. Before you start swimming in the ice-cold waters of a murky lake at the center of a dark forest at midnight, ask yourself, do you really want to travel to an ancient and terrifying city? If the answer is "no," then stay at home instead, and watch whatever quality programming is available on Cinemax.

27. On your 33rd birthday try celebrating in a well lit house with the company of others.

28. Refrain from using the One True Name for anything; there is probably a reason people gave it a nick.

29. Watching TV static for long periods may be hazardous to your health. Try satellite TV or Freeview to combat this problem.

30. Get a cat. Those furry little hairballs seem to perceive unnatural phenomena better than us, and if desperate, simply throw it at whatever is about to get you.

31. Safety in numbers. If you're getting a bit too freaked out, grab a few friends, any and all firearms, and avoid the area in question.

32. Cemeteries are bad places, especially in foggy conditions and on Halloween.

33. Try not to close your eyes, ever. If you must, do so only briefly. If something has moved from its original location in the time it has taken you to blink, it is best that you do not blink again untill you have dealt with said object.

34. If you ever find an unmarked tape which contains the file extension ".avi", even if it's of your favourite kid's show, do not, under any circumstances, watch that tape.

35.If you hear chanting, run until you are out of earshot.

36. If you are too old to play with dolls, you do not need to be anywhere near one of the creepy little things.

37. Legends can offer valuable insight of where not to go camping with friends.

38. When babysitting, ascertain the family's tastes and preferences, to avoid being killed by poorly selected statues.

39. Even if you are certain that running will not save you, it is always best to try.

40. If you go to buy a used video game, whether it's at a game shop or a garage sale, never EVER buy one with a weird-looking cartridge. This includes strange colors, altered covers, and ripped off labels with titles written in marker. The latter tends to happen more often than not. You should also be highly suspicious of games priced too cheaply and bootlegs.

41. If you decide to buy the used game anyway, rip that son of a ***** out of your console the moment it starts acting funny and take a hammer to it.

42. One last thing that must be written, if you ever see a strangely new-looking doorway with strange face on it, on a building you swore you didn't see at first and the building happens to be an old chateau, don't ****ing open it.

43. It's probably best to refrain from looking up on Google the phrase "huskies with grins". You'll just end up having to spread the word.

44. Never allow someone to take a picture of you with an outdated camera. If it's too late, your only bet is to gamble with Death. Or just trap him in a photo. That works too.

45. Don't play with dolls if they come with a needle or a defect. Especially a defect.

46. Burn ouija boards, but be sure to have one of those car freshners handy. The real reason why spirits get pissed off because of that foul aroma that it produces when burned.

47. Never confront animated puppets physically. Subdue them with spells or they'll come back with minions or in a real physical body.

Follow these simple rules and little (or massive) harm may befall you. Either way, the important thing is to make sure your tale is told, copied, and pasted repeatedly.

Thursday, April 5, 2012


A creepy one I found

A recent study by the National Psychiatric Institute in Boston, Massachusetts, concluded that no activity can account for the phenomenon known as nightmares.

Whereas many dreams come from unconscious desires, most nightmares seem to come from an outside source independent of the individual. In fact, when subjects are asked to recall nightmares they are almost always found in the same memory section as actual physical memories, not the section where normal dreams are replayed.

So, in other words, those aliens and creatures you see at night in your “dreams”?

They’re real.


I've been lying in my room for hours now. It's 5:30 am and there's not much I can do. You know what the worst part of my situation is? I'm in the same room with my parents. They keep looking at me, and I can't help but not look back and try not to cry or scream.

Their eyes are focused on me and their mouths are wide open. There's a strong scent of blood and I feel so paralyzed with fear. Here's the thing. The second I make any hint that I'm not asleep anymore, I'm screwed. I'll die, and there's nobody around to save me. I've been trying to think of a way out, but the only idea I have is to rush for the door, run outside, and scream for help, hoping any neighbors hear me. It's risky, but if I stay here, I'll surely die.

He's waiting for me to wake up and see his masterpiece. You're probably wondering what's going on. I do get ahead of myself sometimes. About three hours ago I heard screaming from the other side of the house. I got up and went to check the noise before I realized I had to use the restroom.

Instead of doing the smart, noble thing and investigating, I used the bathroom first. I could have gotten myself killed right then for my stupid actions. But I actually did my business and took a peek outside the bathroom. There was blood on the carpet. As any other sane human would do, I bolted back to my room, hiding under my sheets like the scaredy I was. I tried to convince myself to go back to sleep, and that this was just some weird, vivid dream or something. But I heard my bedroom door creak open, and like the terrified child I was, I peeked out from under my blankets to see what was going on.

I could see something dragging my parents into the room, obviously dead. It was not human, I can tell you that much. It was hairless, with no eyes and no clothing. It walked like a caveman, with its back slouched as it dragged my dead parents. But this thing was smarter than any caveman.

It propped my father against the edge of the bed, and made him face me. It then sat my mother down in the chair and positioned her towards me as well. Then, it started rubbing it's hands along the walls, staining it with blood. This thing had made what it would probably call a masterpiece.

To finish it off, it scrambled a message onto the wall that I could not read in the darkness. It then positioned itself under my bed, waiting to strike.

The scariest thing now is, my eyes have adjusted to the darkness, and since then, I can read the message on the wall. I don't want to look at, because it's terrifying to think about, but I feel I need to see before I'm killed.

I peek at the creatures masterpiece.

'I know you're awake.'

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Genetic Memory

Many classic horror icons, such as Geger’s xenomorphs, Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head, and other disturbing creatures, share common characteristics. Pale skin, dark, sunken eyes, elongated faces, sharp teeth, and the like. These images inspire horror and revulsion in many, and with good reason. The characteristics shared by these faces are imprinted in the human mind.

Many things frighten humans instinctively. The fear is natural, and does not need to be reinforced in order to terrify. The fears are species-wide, stemming from dark times in the past when lightning could mean the burning of your tree home, thunder could be the approaching gallops of a stampede, predators could hide in darkness, and heights could make poor footing lethal.

The question you have to ask yourself is this:

What happened, deep in the hidden eras before history began, that could effect the entire human race so evenly as to give the entire species a deep, instinctual, and lasting fear of pale beings with dark, sunken eyes, razor sharp teeth, and elongated faces?

… Just be careful out there.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Don't get out of the car

I didn't write this.

I was driving a shortcut from Twentynine Palms, CA to Albuquerque, NM. Twentynine Palms is located in the desolate high desert east of LA. The shortcut was all two lane road through total nothingness, except for passing through Amboy, CA. Amboy is a nearly abandoned town nearly as far below sea level as Death Valley, with a dormant volcano and lava field on one side and a salt flat on the other. It was also, at the time, a hotspot for satanic group activity.

So I was driving by myself in the afternoon. I stopped in Amboy and snapped a picture of the city sign, just to prove I was there to friends who dared me to take that route to I-40. I got back in my car and proceeded to drive up into the mountain range between Amboy and I-40.
Once I reach the top I am driving north through a canyon with high grass on both sides of the road. Up ahead I see some stuff in the middle of the road. As I approach I slow down to see a red Pontiac Fiero stopped sideways across both lanes, a suitcase open with clothes scattered everywhere and two bodies laying face down in the road, a man and a woman.

I stop a hundred feet or so away and the hair on the back of my neck is standing up. Being a Marine, I reach under the seat and pull out a 9mm pistol and chamber a round. Something seemed very wrong, it looked too perfect as if it were staged. An ambush? Was I being paranoid? Something was just wrong. Getting out of the car seemed unthinkable, it was the horror movie move.
As I scanned the road I saw a line I could drive. Pass the guy in the road on his left, swerve to the right side of the woman, behind the Fiero and I'd be on the other side. I dropped it into first gear, punched it and drove the line I planned.

I passed the back of the Fierro without hitting it or either of the bodies in the road. I continued forward a couple hundred feet and slowed down so I could breathe and let my heart slow down. As I looked up into the rearview mirror I saw that the two bodies had gotten up to their knees and twenty or so people emerged from the tall grass on either side of the road by the car and bodies.
At that moment my right foot smashed the gas pedal to the floor and did not let up until I had to slowdown for the I-40 east onramp.

I will never know what would have happened to me had I gotten out of the car to check on the bodies or stopped my car closer to them. Somehow I do not think it would have been good. Sometimes real life can be scarier than a movie.

Robert the Doll

Wikipedia article here

A doll once owned by the painter, Robert Eugene Otto. The doll is alleged to have been possessed by evil spirits. It now resides in a museum in the Key West area and is a popular tourist attraction.